The perfect Rasogulla

We may find some people unconventional in their methods but they sometimes provide such minute details about the things that we might not be able to see.

I was there with my parents and relatives at a sweets shop at Lucknow where my uncle was trying out different sweets to see if it matches the quality that he used to have in his childhood at the likes of Chappan bhog.


The next sweet to be put under the knife was Rasogulla. He had this unique way of checking if its quality was upto the mark.

Firstly, he squeezed out all the juice that was there in the rasogulla into a bowl. You can imagine how a rasogulla would become without the “ras” in it. He squeezed it two-three times again to ensure that was no moisture left in it.

The next step of the acid test was to press its surface  with a finger. According to him, if it contracts and comes back to its original shape then it has passed the first hurdle of its test.
We were wondering what was to come next.

He finally put it in his mouth. It must have been like eating a tasteless rubber. I feel a Nataraj eraser might taste better than a rasogulla in such a state. The next step was to observe a churning sound that it should make while chewing which would have given it a thumbs up. And it did give him that sound in his mouth and he was convinced and damn impressed.

My uncle then went to the manager and recited the whole experiment to him. The manager was wondering whether to take it as a complement or not. My mother thought that it would be wise to buy something from the shop now or else it would have been awkward to have tasted the sweets for around an hour and then buying nothing. We got the bill and got out of the shop, feeling triumphant.

On our way back, I was wondering that if a rasogulla got such a harsh treatment, what would be the climax state of the employee if he appears for an interview before my uncle, who is a project manager at a leading firm.

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