Sweet ‘n’ spicy : Review

My mom was confused the other day what to cook for dinner. I fired up this app “Sweet ‘N’ Spicy” which has an exhaustive list of Indian recipes and we searched for them according to the ingredients we had available that day. We discovered “Dal Pakhtooni” which when served with parathas, as recommended by the app itself, gave us a restaurant like feel at home.


With eating out becoming even costlier in cities with the new budget coming out this month, this is a must have app as you can enjoy all those delicacies at your home if you have ingredients required.

The home page lists the various categories under which 6500 + recipes of the app have been divided. The categories vary from vegetarian, non vegetarian to dishes according to occasions and festivals. Each recipe opens up to the ingredients and instructions, which has a detailed process of the cooking while some recipes also have a video associated with them. You get to know the time it would take to cook the dish and the ratings while you can yourself rate, post your comments , plan the recipe on a certain date, etc.

The popular recipes section has the most searched and highly-rated items while the latest recipes are clubbed together in a different section giving it a very neat design and extremely easy for anyone to understand.

The top left pane of the home screen gives you the option to do almost everything you can think of, from marking certain recipes as favorites, post a question, search a recipe and look for the most liked tips and tricks on the Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Community section.


But my favorite section remains the “My Kitchen” where you fill in the ingredients you have at present and the app will suggest you the various dishes that you can cook with these.


The app hasn’t missed out at all on the social media front as well as you share on facebook, twitter or email about your current Sweet ‘N’ Spicy activity.

Though the app uses Mobile Data/3G for loading up the pages and ads, its available for free on the App Store.

Grab it now. I am sure it will come in very handy.

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For other versions of this app, visit the website :


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