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It’s a common notion now that with the humongous number of apps that are available in the market for the iOS and the Android platforms, there is little scope left for variety in what an app can offer. But a lot of apps have proved such notions wrong.

Now consider this app, MailBox, by Orchestra Inc. While most of the apps will let you enter and start using it almost the second it gets downloaded, this one comes with a difference. On downloading the app it shows you a screen which took me a while to understand what it meant.


So basically I became a part of a queue which was waiting to get started with this app. I just played around a little with the three buttons that I could see but there was nothing much I could do. So I just pressed home twice and stopped the app.

To be honest, the app didn’t give me a good impression first up. I didn’t get the idea behind making people wait to use a product which is live and running. I read on the website that said that only the people who had made prior bookings were able to use it instantly. This reminded me of iPhone itself, how the bookings start much before the release and people being so eager to get the phone in their hands as soon as it is out.

The craze such a gimmick creates can sometimes be viral. You keep launching the app just to see where you have reached in the queue. And there are so many people that it takes days to clear, more and more people, out of curiosity just jump into the queue to know what lies beneath. No matter whether the app turns out to be good or bad, the makers would be happy with the buzz they have created.

So, I finally reached the token window of the queue after four days. Was it worth waiting? Or was it like just another mail app.

Well, watch out for this space for more on Mailbox.

Have a good day.


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