MailBox #2

It was four days that this application made me wait before I could start using it. That’s the same amount of time that I have taken to come back for the second installment of this article on MailBox.

So we left off at this question, whether it’s worth waiting for this app in the virtual queue that it provides? For this, let’s assume that it’s just another app and don’t be biased to it by the fact that it has been taken over by Dropbox.

What MailBox does?


It is an application which lets you read, send, archive and delete mails. No big deal really!!! iPhone has its native app for that plus there are many more. It uses almost all the gestures possible, which is again not new to the Clear and 30-30 users.

Then what makes it click?
It is not the app which is so good, but it’s the idea that works in most of the cases. Many of us may have unread messages which number up to a few hundreds or thousands. What MailBox aims to do is that you may concentrate only on the recent mails and send the rest to a place which has always been a part of all the mail clients but never used so effectively as has been in the case of this app, “Archives”.
On the first launch itself it asks the users if they want to archive all their previous mails. It takes some time before you reach, what was a dream for me really before using this, a zero mail inbox. And it’s not that its all gone, but it just stores it away from the daily bunch that it maintains. People who love to keep their things tidy would just love this app.

Is that all?
Well, not really. It wants to you stick to the habit of keeping you mailbox absolutely clean. A mail you ought to read but can’t read now, flick left and it’s marked to read later. Some mails that came today and you have read them, flick right and they go to the archive list. And the archive list is easily available as well. Another nice feature is your reward for having no new mails, a photo of the day being hidden in the mailbox icon in the center which you can click to expand.

My take : A definite thumbs up. It succeeds to achieve what it had set out for. With the Dropbox acquisition, it is imminent that the queues will clear up quickly .

A sense of glory will be evident in every user who will proudly say to the ones behind him in the queue – “I got there before you”.

So just get into the queue quickly by clicking on the picture below :



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  1. Just in…no more queues for the iPhone users. So its mailbox minus the glory now. Enjoy the app anyways.

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