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facebook home

If you eat something heavy when you are already full, there is every chance of vomiting out what you have already had.

I do not deny the fact that whatever facebook has done as of yet has been phenomenal. The amount of flexibility it has remains the power that runs in its veins. For a new user to become a part of facebook is like asking how much does two and two make. I am grateful to this social networking juggernaut to help me connect to my long lost friends, with whom I couldn’t have imagined to be in touch when I left school. All these things make facebook an essential part of our lives.

But here’s the catch, do we want facebook to remain as a part of our lives, or do we want to put it at a place where the blood flows from the arteries, THE HEART of our lives? Some may agree to assign it the superlative position in their lives, but I beg to differ.

An overdose of facebook will certainly make it lose the charm it has got. I can’t imagine how irritating it would be, if I would be notified of every status update, every friend becoming single and things like that. How Chat Heads allows you to drag a small picture of your friend, with whom you are chatting, to any part of the screen is a treat to watch, but allowing facebook to take over my phone or device, is something I would never want. That might be the reason why a larger percentage of the users have rated it so low on the Google Play store.

Is there something facebook could do to improve this product? I believe nothing. We all are happy to use facebook as an app (love the way it appears on the phone), being notified of our friends’ birthdays in our calendars, being able to chat with friends easily, being able to update our status so quickly. After all, we all need some space in all our relationships and it’s the same logic that would cease me from installing this app on my phone (if I ever have an Android phone).

For my friend who is still using it, I fear the day when his girlfriend would turn up one day and the conversation that might follow :

Girl:  Where were you last night?
Boy: I was just using this app called facebook home on my phone, and I fell asleep.
Girl: What???? You slept with FACEBOOK HOME???


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