Freaky Fantasy


I don’t know why it happens but I have a tendency to dream about some real freaky things. There are some that have the sanity to share, and I have a faint memory of one of those.

So the scene was setup in a lavish living room, with three of my college friends sitting together, the tension was evident from the faces.It looked like we were waiting for something to happen.It was a rainy day and a skinny girl whose name is similar to what we would call a diamond in our native language, had been given the responsibility to bring the results to us.

But what results?? We were already out of college (as in reality). All of us were either working or pursuing higher studies as in the case of Mr. Genius of our class, who was pursuing his Masters from the City of Nawabs. There was this tall girl (tall as in really tall) who was working for a US based company and I was working for this company which develops websites and Mobile applications.

So what were we waiting for? Well it was much more dreaded than our university results. Our APPRAISALS were due and that girl was about to arrive with the combined results any moment (A virtual centralized appraisal system, results announced by the college, it’s a dream remember.)

The diamond girl entered the room and suddenly there was a buzz. The tall girl was having a lot of family problems and she had worked hard day and night to get to the top notch grade of appraisal list. Well she was rewarded for her hard work. She got the highest raise (40 % to be precise) among st all of us. The girl who gave the news, (she got a healthy 33 percent raise herself) was then given a bear hug by this tall girl, in tears (complete emotional melodrama) and I was waiting for my numbers. And I was eventually informed that it was a 20 percent raise for me. Was it good enough? Well I was trying to convince myself that it was good enough, though being so competitive was bound to make me feel low in front of such high raises that my friends got.

I was still trying to measure the results that had come out, when I opened my eyes to say adieu to this fantasy. Coming back to reality is such a relief sometimes. The morning fills you with the energy to perform and if you are dedicated enough, you might get results which may be even better than what you might ever dream of.

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