iTunes store submission tips #1

In the previous few posts, I have discussed a few of the tips that you can apply during the development stage of an iPhone/iPad application. Now, I would like to share some really handy tips to take care of the app submission process.

The app submission has to be done with equal amount of precision, as is required in the overall working of an application. And with the review process taking anything between 5-8 days, it just underlines the essence of being doubly sure before taking every step in the submission procedure.

I will take up the handling of in-app purchases in this post before I move on to providing the list of errors one can make and a complete check-list which one needs to adhere to.

Creating in-App purchases

After selecting your app in the manage your apps section, you need to go the “Manage your In-App Purchases” section. This section lists all the active in-app purchases which are associated with your application. If you haven’t added an in-app purchase before, here are the steps you need to follow :

1. Select the “Create New” option.
2. Choose the type of your in-app purchase – Consumable/Non-Consumable/Auto-Renewable Subscriptions/Free Subscription/Non-Renewing Subscription.
3. Enter a unique reference name and product id.
4. Select the price tier.
5. Add Langauge, display name and description.
6. Enter the Review notes(if required)
7. Checkmark the appropriate option if “Hosting Content with Apple”.
7. Upload the screenshot.
8. Save the in-app details.

Once you click on save, you can see that the in-app gets added to the list of the in-app purchases and is assigned a unique Apple id with the status “Ready to Submit”.

“Submit for Review” – too tempting to click on

After successful creation of an in-App purchase, if you select the in-app Purchase from the list, it will show up all the details and a button on the top right showing “Submit for Review”. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS OPTION. Atleast for now.

The Apple documentation states that if this is your first in-app purchase, you need to submit the in-app purchase along with the binary. But it doen’t make it very clear that it holds true for every version of your application that you submit.

Adding in-App purchases with the binary

Suppose you created five in-app purchases in the “Manage Your In-App purchases” section.

Note : For adding in-app purchases to the binary, your app status must be “Ready to upload binary” and the in-app purchase status must be “Ready to Submit”.

Here are the steps to add an in-app purchase along with the binary :

1. On the iTunes Connect home page, select “Manage your apps”.
2. Select your app.
3. Click on “View Details”.
4. Scroll down to In-App purchases and click on “Edit”.
5. Select the in-app purchases you want to add along with this binary. (You will see the 5 in-app purchases you added in the “Manage Your In-App purchases” section along with a checkmark).

Once you are done, you can click on “Ready to upload binary”. The status will change to “Waiting for upload” in a while, and you can then go to Xcode to create the Archive, validate the binary and submit it to the iOS store.

In the next post, I will discuss the errors to avoid while adding in-app purchases to your iOS application.


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