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It’s your girlfriend’s birthday and you ought to take her out for dinner today. And scheduled for tonight is the “El-classico” – Real Madrid vs Barcelona. You know you won’t be able to be a part of this gruelling duel, you will not be there to celebrate the goals,the intensity,the passion – you might miss it all tonight.

If you really think so, think again. LivescoreAudio is an app that will come to your rescue.

Listen to the score updates – live

An app by K2Uno Ltd, LivescoreAudio allows you to enjoy the match much more than just giving you the score updates. Whenever there is a goal, there is a roaring sound, similar to the one by the fans enjoying the match at the venue, followed by the scoreline.

Listening to the scorer name and red card alerts is optional which can be easily customised in the settings tab.

Kick-off time in your time zone

Apart from the unique feature of providing the scores in the form of an audio update, another useful feature for the users is to adjust all match times according to the desired time zone. So even if you are travelling, you can simply change the time zone to know exactly when  your favourite matches are about to start.

Favourite Leagues

Talking about favourite matches brings up the favourite leagues section. Given the extensive list of regions that this app covers from every soccer-playing corner of the world, having the favourite leagues section was an essence. And what stands out is a neat design of this section where the user can access the matches from each favourite league and subscribe to them for alerts.  One great design aspect of this app is the freedom to subscribe/add matches for alerts no matter where you are in the app.  As you browse all the tabs of the app, the universality of the subscription feature is very handy!

Here is how the match details screen looks like :

Screen 1

Device Support

The application is available on iOS and Android devices. The developers have played safe in the case of the iOS version by supporting only iOS 7 and above devices for this app. But given the fact that iOS 7 is the hot new OS by Apple and 3GS is becoming increasingly obsolete, it won’t hurt the makers of this app too much.

Had Apple supported such apps to run in the background, it would have made this app even more powerful as one would have received match updates even while the phone is in the sleep mode. To counter that, the user has the privilege to listen to stale audio updates by specifying his preferences of the timeline he wants these alerts for.

Screen 2

In case of Android, (supports Honeycomb and above devices) this wasn’t a problem and the updates continue equally efficiently even in the background and in the locked state.

With an easy to use interface, user-based customisations, this is a must have app for every soccer fan.

Grab it now!

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