4 Things to eat that you should never miss at Old Delhi

Good food is something that really turns on one’s mood, and what better place would you find than Old Delhi to satitate your hunger. Here are some renouned, and some lesser known places where you will find food, for which you will always yearn for more.

Paranthe wali gali

Your taste buds can’t be more ignorant if you haven’t tasted anything from this coveted street. Apart from the age-old Karim’s, which is a full-fledged restaurant, “Paranthe wali gali” is a more theme based eating joint. You would find conventional styles like Aloo parantha and Gobhi parantha, which are delicious as ever, while what would really amaze you are the varieties like “Nimbu Parantha” and “Rabri Parantha“. 

Old Delhi 1

Many food courts in South Delhi have an outlet by the same brand name,but you never get the same taste and fulfillment on having one there. Even the mixed vegetable treat that you get along with the parantha has a flavor of its own. And all this at a cost which would never trouble your pockets.

My favorite is the Nimbu parantha. The tang that one can feel as soon as it goes into one’s mouth is what makes anyone crave for it.

Kheer shop near Chawri bazaar metro station

If there would have been a picked-up advertisement line for this Kheer shop, then it had to be “No one can eat just one”. Made up of pure rabri, having a creamish brown look on the top, it is served in a square shaped steel bowl. One bowl seems to be very light on your stomach but the taste would make you urge for more. The walls of the shop would suggest that there hasn’t been a whitewash since ages, but the flavor wins over ambience. Or if you are there for some shopping, you can always get it packed and enjoy a comfortable bowl at home.

Try and break my record of five bowls of kheer if you cross by this shop at nayi sadak. 

Shahi tukda shop near Jama Masjid

No water can neutralize the burning effect that a spicy biryani can cause. Trying a shahi tukda will wipe off your tears as it will cancel out the spice very soon. A Purani dilli special, this is made by spreading rabri over a bread dipped in ghee. The presentation of this sweet delight is what gives it the “shahi” touch. It is also common in weddings of this part of Delhi.

Old Delhi 2

Calorie conscious? Well, this is certainly not for you.

Nahari at Karim’s

Nahari with khameeri roti is one of the favorite meals of the local residents of Old Delhi. In the month of Ramadaan, it is available only before the sunrise as people enjoy nahari in the form of “sehri” (the morning meal), before fasting for the whole day. On other days, you can grab a plate of nahari from 9 am to 11 am. Once the morning stock is over, it is not prepared again for the rest of the day.It is served with ginger pieces, lemon and some chillies to add to the flavor. To describe how good it is, makes one feel short of words. The amount in which it is consumed for the time that it is available might indicate how much it is loved. As per the cook, around 30-35 kgs is what they make and nothing is left over for the afternoon meal.

Old Delhi 3

A diverse variety of good quality food and all at one place. And if you know where to find the best of everything, nothing like it.  

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