objc_msgSend goes BOOM!

Zombies you would love.

Beyond Rainbows and Unicorns

I’ve had a relatively smooth ride when it comes to debugging most of my code thus far (Objective-C wise. I have some scary C++ stories!). However, this evening, as the clock was approaching midnight, I was bitten by that dreadful EXC_BAD_ACCESS on objc_msgSend. My application refused to launch in the iOS Simulator, and even with the “All Exceptions” breakpoints enabled, it just pointed me to the main function (main.m).

I live in an ARC world, which means that ideally I shouldn’t be deallocating anything unintentionally. Stranger things have happened. I added a ton of breakpoints, scattered across my classes, and most of them weren’t hit. Cue: twiddle thumbs, sigh, and just keep hitting Cmd+R, hoping that the problem will go away. The most scientific approach, obviously.

I did get the backtrace, by simply typing “bt” in the debug console. That didn’t help. I was told that the problem had something…

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