Backward Thinking


I was having a tough time yesterday when I wanted a hard copy of a pdf document which I had on my email and my internet subscription for the month had got over. As I realized that the subscription could not be renewed until the next day, I started thinking of an alternative. I had an older SIM card on my iPhone 4 which didn’t allow me to activate 3G and thus even a hotspot couldn’t be created.

It would have been very convenient if I would have had an Air printer as that would have allowed me to get the work done from the phone directly. But alas, I have a so-called “cost-efficient” Hewlett Packard one.

What Apple devices make you forget

I started thinking of a route through which the document could be transferred to my laptop. I wished Apple allowed pen drives on phones. My phone was helpless without the internet in such a use case.

Suddenly I realised there is (or rather should I say there was) a technology called “Bluetooth” as well. But a windows based laptop was not going to help either.

My brother’s windows phone finally came to my rescue (so would have any other Smartphone apart from an Apple device) on which I downloaded the attachment, used the data cable to transfer the pdf to my laptop and could get the hard copy easily.

And then I laughed at the tagline for the latest iPhone – “Forward thinking“.

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