Save your money spent on the Animoto app.


placeitYou have made a video greeting for your best friend using the Animoto app and want to send it to him/her on WhatsApp. If you have been using the app for a while, then you might have exhausted the limited chances that you get to save the video greeting to the camera roll. If you still want to save your 4.5 dollars to transfer this greeting to your camera roll, here is a simple work around.

1. Download MyVid app

MyVid is an application by Local Network Media which lets you download any video that you provide the URL to. The application is available for free on the iTunes store.

2. Share video using Animoto

The Animoto app allows the user to share the video URL on email or a few social networking websites. When you tap on share using Message/Email app, just copy the URL so that you can use it with the MyVid app.

3. Paste the URL in MyVid

When you paste the URL and tap go, the app will launch the animoto website link to the video. Tap on the play icon and the video starts playing in buffer mode.

4. Tap on Save

When the video is getting played, there is a bottom bar which has a Save button. An alert pops up saying “This video is added to the downloading queue”. Tap on the ‘Done’ button to see the progress of your video being downloaded.

5. Save to Camera Roll

Once the download is complete, you can tap on the thumbnail which allows you to save the video to your Camera Roll. There is also an “Open in” tab which allows you to save your Memory and directly open and send the video using WhatsApp.

And you are done!

We just discovered a real fruitful association of two different apps on the App store. If you find some more, don’t forget to share it.



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