Freaky Fantasy #2

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Scene 1 (Development Cell)

The first view is of a busy office with people bustling about. It was mostly a white crowd with no Asians visible. So most probably it was somewhere in the US. Suddenly there is prime focus on a ringing phone. A busy lady leaves her papers on her desk and fetches the phone briskly.

Michelle : Hellothis is Michelle from the Development Cell.

She listens to the caller for a while and then concludes her conversation.

Michelle : Alright I will send them.

And then she inquired to the employees around her.

Michelle: Who has done Game Center?

An Asian hand emerged at a distance. Who else could it have been apart from Uma Shanker Tiwari.

Uma : Yes, I have.

Michelle: There is some problem with the graphics code you wrote for the GC Recap and GC stats screen.You have been called to the Creative Lab to have a look into it.

Uma : Ok. GC Stats also?

Michelle: Yes

Uma : Then Sahil should also go with me. He has done stats. Sahil

I saw myself emerge from the same cubicle where Uma was.

Me : Yes Uma.

Uma : There is some UI bug in the GC Recap and Stats screen. We have to go to the creative lab to check that.

Me: Ok. (Towards Michelle) Are we sure this is an iOS specific problem?

Michelle: We only test the iOS app in the labs. iOS is priority.

Me : Ok. (Already thinking about what could the problem be). Is it on the iPhone or the iPad?

Michelle: How does it matter? Just go and find out what needs to be done to fix that.

Embarrassed by her reply, I turned to Uma.

Me : Lets go Uma. I think we should take our macbooks along. We might need them there.

Uma and I took the elevator to the NFL Creative Labs.

Scene 2 (Elevator)

Me: What do you think it would be about?

Uma : I think they will say that it is not matching the psd.

Me : We are so close to the release, I hope it is not a big change. By the way what day is it today?

Uma : (Laughingly) Friday.

Me : Of course.

Uma and I reached the sign board saying “NFL Creative Labs”.

Scene 3 (NFL Creative Labs)

From a distance we could see Avinash, our team lead, looking carefully into the microscope.

Uma (to me) : Avinash can really take up any role when it comes to NFL.

Sahil : True.

When Avinash’s microscopic observations were over, we went to him to know what the problem was.

Uma : Hi Avinash

Avinash : Hi Uma. You saw the issue in GC?

Uma : No didnt see anything what is it?

Avinash : (pointing to an iPhone screen with NFL app running) See, in this GC Recap screen, this header is not matching the psd.

Uma : But this is what I found in the psd.

Avinash : No. See I am putting this iPhone 5S under the microscope. Below is the psd sample of the same screen. Can you look into the microscope and compare.

Uma : Ok. (Looks into the microscope)

Avinash : Did you see the mismatch?

Uma : Yes. the grey header is 1-2 pixels below where it should be.

Avinash : Ok. How much time will it take to fix this?

Uma : This is a small change, it won’t take much time.

Avinash : No but what will be the impact?

Uma : The impact will be that the header will be exactly as per the psd.

Avinash : (a little confused at the reply but goes on) Ok you have your macbook? Just make the change here itself and test it on the device properly. And then under the microscope.

Uma : Ok. So I will push this in In_Season_2 branch.(question mark only in the tone)

Avinash : Are you asking or you are telling?

Uma : Asking.

Avinash : Yes make the change in In_Season_2. Please let me know when you are done. In the mean time I will put on my suit.

Uma : What suit?

Avinash : Space suit.

Uma : (Baffled) Why would you wear a space suit?

Avinash : We have made a special technology for NFL. We don’t upload the build onto the App store anymore. We have a launch vehicle and we ourselves go into the cloud space and install the build onto the Apple cloud server. By doing that, we are not using the Apple AppStore platform and thus get 100 % revenue.

Uma : (Still in shock) Ok. So you are responsible for this launch thing as well?

Avinash : Yes man. They make me do everything.

Uma : Ok. Anyways I will make these changes and check in.

Avinash : Thanks Uma. Sahil…Hi…sorry man I didn’t see you.

Sahil : Its ok.

Avinash : Just help Uma to get this done. By the way is your Fantasy over?

Just then the alarm went off. It was actually over.



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