Food Twister #1

Apple martini, Black Russian, Bloody Mary…these cocktails would sound mouth-watering to someone who likes to mix it up when it comes to having an exotic drink. For teetotallers, they try to come up with their own food cocktails, mixing one thing with another and making a delicacy even more desirable.

Here are some of the most weird food combinations :

Ice cream with Coke :

Source : American Communities
Source : American Communities

A friend introduced me to this combination a few years back at a marriage. I would call it a perfect cocktail for those who aren’t bothered about whether they might fall ill after this. Quite similar to what you get in a regular cold coffee or ice cream shake, this one comes with a twist. How the fizz of your cold drink behaves on adding a vanilla scoop from the top is the first thing to enjoy as the colour of your drink changes to light brown.The manner in which you seduce your taste glands with this is for you to decide. You may refrain from using a spoon and show others how the ice cream kissed your nose. Seeing you enjoy a passionate moment with your drink can give others some fantasies. Using a spoon adds some etiquette to having this freaky combo, much like a flying kiss. But again, once the ice cream left is not too much, you can cherish that final sip without the spoon and make your throat believe that it won’t turn sour. Though summers would be an ideal time for such a delicacy, having it in winters adds to the twist.

So the next time you have a get-together party with your friends, don’t forget to include this on the menu.


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