A Cricket Match between two hearts

The first time I faced your might,
I was bowled over by your beauty.
But that was not the end at all,
Though I didn’t I have the courage to make a call.

I still had nine wickets intact,
But I had the fear of getting caught.
I was even run out many a times.
Chasing you (instead of the ball) but you failed to understand my mind.
I decided to get down the track, but always got stumped.

The runs on the board were few,
I definitely had to try something new.
Once I got a chance at least to talk,
But it was nothing which could make things rock.

The middle overs went better
But I still could not dominate the bowler.
In the slog overs, I tried to get some quick runs
I hit shots like bullets from guns.

In the very last over,
When the golden days were about to be over,
I in spite of being on the back foot,
Hit a boundary, just as I did on my debut.

Thereby I declared my innings,
And you accepted my declaration.

Without giving you a chance to bat,
The winner was decided, I lost my heart.


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  1. Nice one…….Good linking of love and cricket

  2. Good one Sahil! Keep it up!

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