Freaky Fantasy #3

Prologue –

I found myself on the open terrace of a shopping mall in Delhi and there were two known faces there, Saumya and Sonakshi, who were my good friends in school. Saumya had a lit cigarette in her hand and Sonakshi was enjoying the view from there. Saumya saw me first and called out for me.

Saumya – Hey Sahil!

Sahil – Hi Saumya…Long time. How have you been? Is that a cigarette?

My surprise was more genuine because of the fact that her father had once thrown the poster of her favourite star out of the window for the sole reason that the poster showed him sporting a lit cigarette.

Saumya – Yes Sahil. Its good to relieve some of the stress sometimes. I am sure you didn’t get this habit.

Sahil – I have tried a hookkah a few times but cigarettes are not my thing. For me its hard to believe, seeing a doctor smoke, assuming that you would know the consequences better.

Saumya – You can assume that you are dreaming. (laughs)

Sahil – Yes, then it makes more sense. So, you and I have the same story in terms of our careers it seems, trying hard to get a masters degree from a good college.

Saumya – Seriously! Being just an MBBS leaves a serious void in your CV if you want to be a complete doctor. So, you are also trying for a masters in Computers?

Sahil – No I will be going for an MBA. I have somehow made the ends of a decent college and the best MBA colleges meet and selected a decent option for this year. Will be joining there shortly.

Saumya – Great! I am happy for you. By the way, still writing emails and poems to woo girls or did you change your strategy?

Sahil – (laugh out aloud)…yes changed it big time and got success soon after changing. And from what I have learnt, eye-contact is the key as it shows a lot of confidence.

Saumya – Very rightly said. I am sure she would be really pretty. Sonakshi, do you know him from school? Topper in our section, a singer and a poet.

Sonakshi – I just remember him completing his assignments in the Work-Ex Activity class and calling me a lizard. (laughs) 

Sahil – Yes Sonakshi. Don’t embarrass me anymore. By the way I loved the pictures you people posted on facebook. It was Sonakshi’s birthday treat at White Waters, CP. I loved the place so much that I dragged my friends to that place once. Everyone loved the food.

Sonakshi – Really? I didn’t like the food as much though. But yes, the ambience is really good.

Sahil – Home science work-ex people might be having higher standards for the taste of food.

Sonakshi – Ya…So still finding yourself lucky to be in Delhi?

Sahil – Yes of course. Near my loved ones. Getting “mom” made food on daily basis. No money can beat that.

Sonakshi – True. (turning to Saumya) So Miss Saumya is your cigarette over? Aakarshit and gang are waiting downstairs. We need to catch up with them.

Saumya – Yes yes. Just the last drag. Sahil are you waiting for someone?

Sahil – Yes. My friends are coming. I am a bit early I suppose. You two carry on. Good to see you after so long.

Saumya – Same here. Ok then Bye.

Sonakshi – Bye Sahil!

Sahil – Bye.

No need to assume. I was dreaming!

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