The Belly Pose

I posed before a mountain

to get a picture clicked

Wearing a cap,

I thought would add some style.

I flipped the cap and wore it like a rally

I got another click

unaware of the fact,

that the picture would get bombed.

I plugged in the camera stick

to see the results.

Embarrassed I was,

when my friends started to ask,

“Is it a helmet that you are wearing on your belly?”

“Or did someone accompany you,

when you turned the cap around?”

I had excuses to make,

plenty of them

“My shirt wasn’t tugged in”

“I was a bit bent forward”

But somewhere inside, I told myself

Let’s face it, you can’t deny it,

So  just stop being a coward.

I changed my way of looking at it,

laughed with friends instead of shying away

Downloaded apps to help me

tighten the screws of my abs

and plan to surprise everyone

with a fitter me by my next birthday.


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