What will I do if I am not allowed time for Friday prayers at work?

Although I do not write on such issues, but an instance of one of my friends quitting a job for not allowing him to offer Friday prayers made me think about this. What would I do if I were in his place?

Being in an IT firm, I have never faced any restrictions on how much time I am away from work. It is just the output at the end of the day that matters. But as I might be offered a management position of an organization in the future, it is likely that I may not have such a liberty at all times.

Let us think about what would one say in support of allowing him to go for the prayers at any cost.

“O Boss! Please let me go.

You don’t have an idea about how important a Fard*  I will miss if I don’t go.”

And an intelligent boss would counter-argue by saying –

How many times have you repented to God like this just after committing a sin

“O Allah! Forgive me for the sin I just committed”

Frankly speaking I wouldn’t have an answer to such an argument and I will get back to work.

Although if I will be absolutely sure that I repent immediately after every sin that I commit or stop myself as soon as I realize that I am about to commit a sin, then I might have some weight in my argument.

So the day I am disallowed Friday prayers, I would offer my prayer in isolation and would consider it as the point where my previous sins are so immense, that Allah doesn’t want me to enter his place. That would push me to stay on the path of Imaan even more, do more good, repent more for my sins, so that Allah allows me back in his place one day.

And talking about that point, I will not wait for it to come. This incident has made me think enough to double my efforts to convincingly support my argument to request my boss to allow me half an hour once in a week so that I do not miss a religious obligation.

*Fard – A religious obligation

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