Travelogue: Shivpuri Camp

Reblogged from : Great Lakes Gurgaon Student Blog

The waves of the Ganges sounded like music to the ears,

the raft in water did remove our fears.

Watching the stars in the middle of the night,

All being dark, but sand still bright.

Great Lakes did a great job at organizing an almost flawless trip to Rishikesh/Shivpuri camp in the form of an outbound induction program for its PGPM 2016 batch. Staying in the camps with no electricity, being so near to the Ganges and seeing it flow, the interesting tasks, all of these made it a memorable trip.

Read more at : Outbound Induction Program – Rishikesh Trip


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  1. Good One Sahil 🙂
    and the music we all had in the beds of Ganges…! ❤

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