When a ban reminded me of Maggi

Last week I realized there is more to a touch laptop.

We have a bunch of online exams and quizzes and I was taking one of them. The rule for this one was to complete all the calculations in the answer booklet, open the laptop and mark all the appropriate responses on the quiz platform. The quiz platform requires opening up a browser and another rule that comes with it says “No Extra Tabs”.

It was one of those bad days when my hand brushed through the screen and an un-needed Notepad file opened up while I was looking at the answer sheet to check if all the calculations were right. The invigilator had one of those lucky days that he saw the file opened from a distance and de-barred me from marking the responses in the exam.

When such unfortunate incidents happen, one sits back and thinks – Why me?

I took the effort of studying and paying attention in the class and now I will get a zero even after solving 80 % of the paper correctly.

And then I heard a voice say – “I lost 6000 crores of sales during the year, love and trust of the people and all of this for no reason. Why me?”

Yes, Maggi was much more unfortunate

Being taken away from the shelves was a major setback for Nestle’s most loved brand. Yippee and Wai Wai noodles have capitalized the window they got really well but unfortunately for them, people still call every noodles plate as Maggi. They would still thank the man from Barabanki who made it possible.

The invigilators

V K Pandey : Maggi Villian

There was a similarity in the rationale with which these two gentlemen played their role.

Mr. Pandey did not consider that whether it is the raw materials which contain lead or is it because of something else that the Maggi sample has acquired the metal content beyond the permissible level. It was only when samples in other countries started getting cleared that the problem only resides in some of the batches.

A very similar approach was taken that day by the  invigilator , who did not check whether the file that got opened was relevant or whether I was looking at the file to use it unethically. He just took away the laptop leaving me stranded and pleading for mercy.

Getting Rid of the Blot

Now that the High Court has cleared all the samples of Maggi, Nestle needs to make a strong statement and make people believe that the trust that Maggi has built over the last 32 years is strong enough to withstand the hardships of any regulation in this world.

Similarly, now that the quiz fiasco is over for me and my answer sheet is to be considered given all the evidences and proof that I gave regarding the absence of intention to open the notepad file, I need to comeback strongly and raise my bar in everything I do, being part of my institution, making the institute proud of my deeds and making me feel good about my own work.

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