An open letter to Shah Rukh Khan on his birthday

When you let Madan Chopra overtake you in Baazigar and end up losing the race, you did not just win over him and his daughter Priya, you won over a million fans.

It must have taken a lot of courage to take up an anti-hero role early on in your career at a time when the heroes used to drive the movies. But be it the “Mujhe maaf kar dena Seema” before sending her off the terrace or be it talking to your mother and telling her about your girlfriend “Kiran”, you were never deserving of hatred, even when you were playing a menacing character on-screen.

Its amazing how you have lived up to what you have said in your movies – “Mujhe mushkilon ka saamna karne me bohot mazaa aata hai”. Even after achieving all that a movie star possibly can- tonnes of awards, an enviable fan-following and a dream house, you have continued to take on newer challenges.

Mujhe mushkilon ka saamna karne me bohot mazaa aata hai

You are running a successful production house and VFX Studio. You own 2 successful T20 league teams and you recently bought another one in South Africa. You own a football team. And you are all set to play a dwarf in your upcoming film for the first time. It just re-iterates what you said at the University of Edinburgh – “Its fine not to know what you want to be 20 years from now”.  Clearer plans may stunt your success.

When I saw your TedTalk the other day, your stature became even more aspirational. And it is not just about the money. I don’t think just having a $ 750 million of net worth makes you what you are, but it is the ability to be a good father, a very good actor, an excellent businessman, and maintaining a balance between all three.

My childhood has all been about imbibing the things I have learnt from your characters. Last year, when I left Delhi to come to Mumbai to enhance my career, I thought its about time that I should look up to the Shah Rukh Khan outside of the movies but this song still doesn’t leave my head.

Zindagi Mein Jeet Jaun, Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai

Keep entertaining us and I hope that your next movie will become one of the numerous successful movies that have made you one of the best actors in the world.


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  1. Nice writeup! I like the part… its ok not to know where u wants to be in next 20 years…

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